Geschichten, Landleben, Bücher, Hunde

Geschichten, Landleben, Bücher, Hunde

Frau Wunderfein

Frau Wunderfein is a journal devoted to writing, Instagram photography, baking, dogs and the seasons.

I write about my life-changing moments and non-fiction writing, stories about life and my dogs, recipes and my online business journey. I also write about creating an online story to help other writers and creatives.

I’ve lived in the German countryside for many years – and kept dogs since more than ten years.  It’s fair to say that dogs changed my life. They changed my daily life, my routines, but they also changed my interests, my passions and they’ve certainly changed my writing.

Now I’m out there numerous times a day: walking the dog, talking to the horses, studying the trees, and really absorbing myself into each season.

I try and capture all of this in my writing, in my Instagram feed.